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Luck Studio is a digital design agency for startups. I started the business as a junior in college and have worked with clients on everything from designing mockups to building entire web apps.

Creating an identity

The brand is the first thing a potential client sees, so I spent a lot of time thinking about the image I want to portray. I wanted Luck's "X factor" to be a seamless user experience from the first time I speak to a client through the final hand-off. I spent a few weeks brainstorming possible names for the business based on the following criteria:

1. Memorable

Short/simple dictionary words rather than made-up words (e.g. "Xerox")

2. Descriptive

Evokes a connection that the business is involved with design/startups

3. Professional

Portrays a premium feeling and effortless success

Out of hundreds of names, "Luck Studio" perfectly expressed the message I wanted to communicate: founders can hire me to lend a little extra luck to their startup. It's short, easy to remember, and emphasizes the idea that my company adds value to clients.

Visual branding

Since I wanted the Luck brand to project professionalism, I created a logo and color scheme that's simple and unobtrusive. I chose a thick serif typeface because it forms a strong visual block and remains readable at small sizes. For the icon, I was debating between a few symbols of good luck (horseshoe, 4-leaf clover, coin).

To help me decide, I collected some feedback from my friends and they unanimously agreed that a 4-leaf clover was the clearest symbol of "good luck". The 4-leaf clover's symmetry also fits in nicely with the wordmark's strong presence.

Banner branding Banner title

How can I create a premium experience for my clients?


I wanted to make sure the website's design is clean, but not boring. I stacked cards of text on top of images to create visual rhythm, and I added a nice CSS fade-in effect to bring some in motion when the page loads.

Banner website


As with any client-oriented business, there's a decent amount of paperwork (contracts, project summaries, invoices, etc.) involved. I style all of Luck's documents to tie in with the website/brand's aesthetic and remain readable even when printed in grayscale.

Banner invoice

I also make sure the designs are glanceable within Gmail's attachment preview window. This gives clients a quick visual cue for relevant information (such as the document title or total cost of an invoice) before they even open the attachment.

Invoice email


It's crazy to see Luck Studio evolve so much in such a short amount of time. I've learned a ton about solving problems that aren't my own, juggling deadlines with the rest of my responsibilities, and communicating with non-technical team members. I love the work do, and my clients are happy too!

As my way of turning my success into the success of others, I donate 10% of the profits from Luck Studio to the Children's Scholarship Fund — an organization that helps students from low-income families access high-quality education. Though I'm not able to take on client work year-round (like when my schoolwork ramps up), I've contributed over $1,800 toward helping these families and I'm excited to grow that impact in the future.

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