Luck Studio

Luck Studio is a design agency with a social mission. We've worked with startups ranging from seed stage to post-Y Combinator, and part of our profits fund scholarships for low-income students.


I designed and developed a simple static website for potential clients to learn about the company's mission and some of the startups we've worked with in the past. Roughly a third of site visitors are on mobile , so I used responsive design elements throughout the page.


The work I do via Luck Studio gets me deeply involved with the teams I work with, and it's important that the branding conveys a sense of professionalism. With this in mind, I chose to use a neutral color palette for branded materials and an uncluttered logo mark.


As the business has grown, so too have the types of documents I've found myself dealing with. Contracts, proposals, etc. are all direct interaction points between the brand and the client, so it was important to share a cohesive theme across all documents.

Documents are always shared via email, so I included the nice little design touch of making sure that documents are quickly viewable within the attachments preview in GMail.