Emmim is a startup focused on building social connections through travel. I worked with the founders to establish branding for the company and design the UI of their flagship iOS app.


At the time I began working with the Emmim team, they were ready to finalize the vision for their product and begin raising their first round of funding. We iteratively fine-tuned the design of the app, from rough sketches all the way through high-fidelity mockups.

User interface

Emmim gives users the ability to message friends, search locations, book listings, and more. I designed a visual theme that's clean, bright, and flexible enough for each context within the app. The brand's primary color pops quite a bit, so it's used only for elements that most require the user's attention on each page.


The company balances between being relaxed and professional, and their brand has to reflect those values. The Emmim team wanted a logo that's simple, clean, and incorporated a flamingo. I brought these constraints together with the high-level themes of the company (communication, leisure, travel) to create a flexible color palette and logo.