CalcuCafé is an app that helps Peruvian coffee farmers understand the economics of their farms. I worked with UX researchers at Cornell University to transform their proof-of-concept tool into a production-ready system.

User Interface

The underlying financial model that CalcuCafé uses for its computations is incredibly complex, and our users (Peruvian coffee farmers) don't have the time or technical knowledge to make sense of it on their own. I designed a clean and intuitive front-end for users to easily log their data and receive visualizations of their aggregated results.


Offline functionality

The Peruvian coffee farmers only have internet access every few weeks (when they go to a nearby city), so I made sure CalcuCafé can be loaded as an offline mobile app. Users can compute their data in the field, and the info is automatically synced to our servers once they regain an internet connection.



The CalcuCafé prototype relied on external systems for financial modeling, authentication, and chart rendering — meaning that an internet connection was required to do anything. I overhauled our back-end to support offline functionality and reduce the amount of data we need to transmit.

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