Big Red Hacks

Opening ceremony
Big Red Hacks (BRH) is an annual event at Cornell, where hundreds of students compete to design, build, and pitch unique technical projects — all in just 48 hours.
Banner mood 2

Creating a theme

The visual theme for this year's event was "retro futurism", so I compiled a mood board to guide our designs. There were a lot of purples and blues in the reference images, so I opted for a warmer color scheme to better connect with Cornell's color scheme (it is Big Red Hacks, after all).


Communication for the event takes place almost entirely online, so I created a set of reusable icons and cards to be posted on social media channels leading up to the event.


Website design


Team branding

The visual identity for the organizing committee had no cohesion, so I brightened our palette, standardized our typography, and designed a new logo that works well in multiple orientations.

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