[ Internship ]

Ernst & Young

Core Business Intern

EY is the 3rd largest professional services firm in the world. I worked with the company's mentoring program (College MAP), along with setting up revenue risk controls for a handful of EY's major tech clients.

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[ Internship ]

H.E.P. Materials

Software Engineering Intern

H.E.P. Materials is a material supply company with a lot of custom software. During my internship, I made their internal website mobile-friendly and sped up their inventory query application by 90%.

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[ Design Studio ]

LUCK Studio

Founder / Designer

LUCK is a web design and development agency that builds custom web applications for startups and small businesses. It's part design, part programming, and a ton of communication with clients.

[ Project ]

Feather UI

Creator / Designer

Feather is a mobile-first framework with a focus on clarity. It's a lot simpler to learn than Bootstrap, but still provides element styling, a responsive grid system, custom UI components, and notification support.

[ Project ]



This was my very first project! It's an open source arcade-style survival game built with Lua and the Love2D framework. I learned a lot about graphics, menu systems, collision detection, and pathfinding.

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